Drying your clothes in an electric or a gas dryer will do no good to the environment, your budget or even clothes. Your clothes require absolute care and attention, hence, just like you invest carefully on your detergents and soaps, similarly you must dry them properly.

Opting a proper way of drying your clothes plays an important role in their existence. There are two places where you can dry your clothes – indoor and outdoor, and it is suggested that if your location has enough access to sunlight, you should always opt for the latter one. And what is the best thing you can use for drying your laundries outdoor? Of course - a clothes post, which is also referred to as a washing line.

Now, a washing line is basically any kind of rope, cord or twine which can be spread and fixed across two points.

Making use of washing lines for drying your clothes can be beneficial in many ways, for instance -

  • They lessen the wear and tear of fabric
  • Unlike using the hot air from your mechanical drying, if you dry your clothes on clothes post, it lessens the chances of shrinking your clothes
  • If clothes are dried in breezy weather, then it does not really require any ironing
  • Saves electricity, money and also reduces noise pollution which is produced while using the mechanical dryers
  • It does not wrinkle clothes and help your laundry items to remain soft and silky
  • And of course, smells of fresh air after getting dried in sunlight.
There are three common washing line kits which you can use for drying your laundry, they are -

Post to Post Cleat & Pulley

If you have an open ground or a huge lawn in front of your home, then this is an apt choice for you. These consists of two strong and sturdy pulley clothes post where you opt for clothes line ranging from 10 meters to 25 meters.

Post to Wall Cleat & Pulley

Have got some free space next to your house? Just fix this washing line there to make the most of it. All you have to do is attach the hook to your wall and the other side will be held by the post.

Wall to Wall Cleat & Pulley

Living in row houses? don’t you worry.. there are options for you as well. The wall to wall cleat and pulley will perfectly fit between your house and your neighbours’.
In these three washing line kits, opt for the complete set in order to avail everything from a clothing line wire to pulley.

So if you are still drying your clothes inappropriately, then now is the time when you buy washing line. It is not only an ideal tool but is also an eco-friendly way of drying your clothes.