Growing up, at first, we didn’t see technology having a great impact on our lives. However, later, it took us by surprise when it began to disrupt – literally – all the industries that it could. Yes, it was amazing. But to be honest, I got a little upset when it began to take away the amazing memories I had from my childhood especially the one wherein I would accompany my mother when she went out to the backyard to dry clothes on the washing line. I remember her telling me how amazing she felt when she did something of the sort.

My parents had explicitly decided that they would install a clothes post because of how fresh the sun-dried clothes felt. However, with the evolution of technology, the automatic dryers began to take over. But I am in complete support of the use of drying the clothes out in the open and write on this topic to point out the benefits people can derive by means of the use of a washing line:

  • The first and foremost thing is that once you get the clothes post, you do not have to invest money over and over again whereas when you use something that is electrical – there is a chance that it might collapse and stop working. This would lead to an increase in the amount of money that you have to invest.
  • It goes without saying that the more you will be out in the sun, the more you can leverage from the benefits it has to confer. For instance, Vitamin D. The minimum amount of time that you are going to have to put in to hang the clothes to dry is about 15 minutes which is about enough to get the required vitamin for the entire day.
  • A clothes post would have to be installed somewhere outside your house. This clearly means that you would be away from all the heating up an indoor cloth dryer would cause in your house in the summers. Although, it does sound like a good plan that one could consider in the winters.
  • Since the clothes post will be put up outside your house, it would give you a chance to interact with the neighbours who live close to your homes. Thus, it does serve to be a great way of expanding your social life.
  • Another benefit is that the sun serves as a natural disinfectant; thus, meaning that all the bacteria that your clothes may be drenched in is going to go away. In addition to that, the sun acts as a way of naturally getting rid of the stains so why not?

Now that you know the best process of how to dry your clothes after washing them and if you are like me who does not want to get rid of the best of the memories that you have woven in your childhood – then this is the best way of drying your clothes. Do not forget the fact that you are also going to save tonne loads of money if you switch to a clothes post for drying purposes.