Some people who prefer to dry their clothes out in the open – which to be honest is the best way to do so – can be segmented into two sections. One section is willing to shell out money for the installation of a washing line post while the other is which would want to carry the procedure out on its own. Well, this article is addressed to the latter.

First of all, it is required of you to know the method which you would incorporate to install the washing line on the clothes post for this is going to be the determinant of how is it that you are going to cement the post. There are two common ways of doing so check out the washing line pole page to choose your option.

Post to Post

This would mean that you are going to position the washing line between two posts – thus it would be required of you to instate two posts and a line between the two of them. If you are ahold of a lot of space then you may want to enlarge the distance between them but that is completely subjective. However, this procedure is a little more time taking and requires you to invest more money since you would have to buy two posts and cement for it to be affixed

Post to Wall

This method involves fixing a post and then hanging the wire from the post to the side of your house. 

Now that you are aware of what choices are available at your disposal, you can work in accordance with that. Getting to the procedure of setting up the post, it would be the best if there are two people working on this process because it would become easier to hold the post straight and then pour in the concrete mix – this would ensure that no problem occurs.

We think it does not need to be mentioned that you are going to have to make use of a spirit level to check whether the post is straight or not. Once this has been down, cement the washing line post by pouring in some water. Since the cement begins to set in quickly, it would not allow you enough time to adjust the post – thus make all the necessary amends beforehand.

Once everything is set – make sure that you give the post around 24 hours before putting on some weight on it. This is how you will be cementing the post – you can follow the same steps for the installation of the other post as well if that is the method you are going with. While if it is the second method that you have chosen, then you must rest assured that your work is done here and the only thing that remains is the measurement of the washing line and putting it into place. Although the first procedure is slightly lengthy, it is just as comforting for the clothes because they can dry nicely outside under the smiles of the sun.