If you really like to save money, then air drying the way out. This simple task of drying clothes in the open air is going to save a lot of bucks for you. It will bring down your monthly utility bill by a substantial amount. Apart from this it also does a lot more to save the environment. However, this is not the end, air drying has got a lot more to offer you. The fresh breezy air drying your clothes has got plenty of money-saving tricks under its hood.

Initially, when you might have started exploring through this article this would probably be your first question. "How", after all how the air drying is going to save money for us? So here is the answer to your question.

The Cost involved in Using a Dryer

Considering it all together, the washer and dryer are the third biggest consumers of energy in your home. As per the findings by California Energy Commission on an average clothes dryer can cost up to $1,500 for operating over a span of 18 years. Irrespective of the source of power (either gas or electric), a dryer will lead to hike your electricity bills. On average a clothes dryer is estimated to consume around 6 per cent of household electricity per month. Even if you go on resorting to the laundromat for cloth drying, they will make no difference instead they will take a toll on your spending.

Minimising the Extra costs

Apart from adding costs to your utility bills, the extras needed such as dryer sheets, baskets or bags, and of course, the fuel spent on traversing to and fro from laundromat is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Well to make it certain, let's estimate the costs associated with them. Approximately, a dryer sheet may cost $4 per month, a laundry basket or bags may cost around $5, and the round way trip to laundromat may cost you around $3 to $6 for each trip. These estimations are done keeping in view the minimal factors thus these expenditures are poised to elevate even more. Thereby doing laundry at home is always a cheaper option. And drying the clothes in the open air using the washing line is even cheaper.

Airdry or Dryer?

Certainly, to no doubt air drying is an economical way to dry clothes. You need no extra accessories after all no dryer sheets are required. The natural breeze acts as a softener for your clothes. Moreover, the consumption of electricity and gas is going to decline by a prominent amount. Because for air drying you just need to purchase clothesline once in a while that too at a very cheap price. Also, you need not travel anywhere instead you can relish the convenience of drying clothes right at your home.

So is it worth it to air dry clothes? Indeed, yes. It is an ultimate hack for saving money. Isn’t quite surprising that you can even save money with drying? Rejoiced!! Then what's the point to think more hurry up and resort to this efficient way of cloth drying.