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2.4m One Piece Standard Clothes Post

2.4m One Piece Standard Clothes Post
2.4m One Piece Standard Clothes Post
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Our Galvanised clothes posts come in one piece making them extremely sturdy and strong, supplied complete with a socket to cement in to the ground for extra support.

All of our Galvanised Clothes Post are 1 piece which makes them extremely sturdy and strong compared to the 2 piece counter parts. These posts are british manufactured, ensuring that the product is of the highest quality. They are weather resistant, meaning they will not rust giving you peace of mind that it will be with you for a long time.

  • 2.4m total length
  • Galvanised steel
  • 2m above the ground, 0.4m below the ground (socket length)
  • Steel thickness - 1mm
  • Outer diameter - 45mm
  • Internal diameter - 43mm
  • Please note, the socket is the same material as the post and is slid to the top of the post and secured with tape for delivery purposes


  • Cement the socket into the ground and slide the post in to it.
  • The pole can be easily removed and reinstalled whenever you like due to being a one piece clothes post.
Product Specifications
Application Outdoor Drying of Clothes
Finish Galvanised
Length 2.4m

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